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    Hi All,
    Came across this supplier and was thinking their gear rack was very cheap. Shipping was very good too.
    Keep in mind I'm in Australia so shipping from the USA is ridiculous for us down under.
    They look to be well established and legitimate from their twitter account activity.

    Looking for any feedback or alternatives with great pricing on gear rack module 2 or 2.5.



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    Re: mechanicdrive.com

    I got impatient. Ordered anyway.
    3000mm rack to Western Australia.
    I'll let you know how I go. !

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    Re: mechanicdrive.com

    Hi MM - but they are a dutch company? so they ship from US? I'm looking for R&P as well. Peter

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    Quote Originally Posted by peteeng View Post
    Hi MM - but they are a dutch company? so they ship from US? I'm looking for R&P as well. Peter
    Yes appear to be based in the Netherlands. No, not shipping from the US. I was just making mention that shipping from USA to Australia is ridiculous compared to other regions. Europe, Asia both far cheaper for sake dimensions and weight.
    I don’t know what it is…
    Anyway, still waiting to see what happens with my order, it’s almost too good to be true, and you know what they say…

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    Re: mechanicdrive.com

    Hi Michael, sorry to open an older topic, but I’m curious if you ever received your order? I have a bad experience with the dutch version of this site and see more and more negative remarks on them. Not sure if it is incidental of stuctural.

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    Re: mechanicdrive.com

    Guys, we're a precision parts manufacturer in China, and I just went to that website and we can make all those things. We are also willing to serve you. Let me know if you need me. [email protected]

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