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    Meldas 64 Alarm Led

    I Have a Machining Center With Mitsubishi MELDAS 64.
    After Power On I Only can See on the display the 1st. Window:
    Meldas 64 ... Copyright ... etc, and it seams that nc is locked!
    The Control led is flashing between [A.] [A.] [A.] [2] [8] [0].
    Does anybody knoes what this means? and the way to solve it?
    Thank you for any Help

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    M64 LED Alarms

    In your post you mention Alarms on the "Control LED" I'm guessing you are
    referring to the LED status on your Servo Drive Units (MDSxxx type drives).

    If this is the case, each of the unit status A, 2, 8, etc have to do with communication and drive software writing. It may be that your M64
    has lost some or all of it's software in the flash memory.

    You can download troubleshooting and maintenance manuals/information
    from Mitsubishi's website at

    www. meau. com look for downloads and from there you can find the
    manuals you need.

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    It sounds like you are describing the display on the CNC. I looked it up and I don't see an alarm that starts with a 2. Is it possible it is a 2 with the middle led off? If so this is a Z alarm on the control. Still, I don't see a Z alarm that is followed by an 8 but then again I don't think I have all of the LED combinations available.
    As Camsys said. Check your drives and see what they are displaying. This will help to see what condition the CNC is in.
    You can also check the board behind the operation panel. It will have several LED's on it. One should say SD and another RD. These LED's should be dimmly lit meaning they are flashing at a high rate of speed. SD is send data and RD is receive data. This will indicate if this board is receiving or sending data from/to the CNC.

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    please download the manuals from below links i think it will help you.


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    I think the control has initialized properly, but there is no communication between the CNC and the operation panel. I believe OntheBumper is on the right track by asking you to check the status of the SD/RD LEDs.

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    Re: Meldas 64 Alarm Led

    Dear sir
    My machine vmc Mitsubishi m64 control all parameters los how to prosess reload

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