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    Lightbulb Meldas 64 Manteinance Mode

    Hello, everyone.
    I'm trying to figure out how to change the input port from a Mitsubishi Meldas 64. Reading the M60's handbook, I found out there are 2 valid values for the parameter (#9001):

    - Set 1 --> to use Channel 1
    - Set 2 --> to use Channel 2

    Currently, I'm not allowed by the CNC to put "1" as the port number. It shows me "E02 - Data Over" (meaning I'm out of range).
    As I read, Channel 1 is used for manteinance functions, so I figured.. If I can change the operation mode to "Manteinance", perhaps I'd be able to change the port and establish the communication with a PC.

    What is specifically the function of "the maintenance function data input/output #(99)" ?
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    It isn't explained in the manuals. What values do I have to set there?
    I'd appreciate any feedback.


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    Another alternative I've been reading about is placing the "NCSYS" switch in any position from 2 to 7. That would apparently make the system enter maintenance mode.
    Has anyone done anything similar? Thanks!

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    Re: Meldas 64 Manteinance Mode

    I have a similar problem and it is not changing the parameter 1037 to 7, this change is done when sending information, but after turning the control on and off, I change to 1 and when changing it manually, the alarm has E02 data over, Thanks if anyone can help me, my Machine is Mitsubishi Mori seiki cl200

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