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    Micro Steps question please...

    Hey G'day people,

    I have a few of these stepper motors, I bought them from Homann quite a while ago now, I am using some TB6600 drivers (just finishing up my new control box).

    The TB6600 comes default dip switches s1 s2 s3 are off off off and s4 s5 s6 are off off off (this is fine its set for 3.5 to 4amp).

    Trying to find more on the stepper motors as to how many micro steps should I set the dip stitches s1/2/3 to. Default it is 32 micro and pulse/rev is 6400.

    If anyone has one of these stepper motors would love some help or the math/how to work out if there is a calculation to figure out the micro step setting I should have.


    Model Number: 24H290-35-4B
    Size: Nema 24 (Size 60)
    Phase: 2 Phase
    Step Angle: 1.8 Degrees
    Voltage: 50V Max
    Current: 3.5A
    Resistance: 1.0ohm
    Inductance: 2.8mH
    Holding Torque: 387 Oz-in
    Dual Shaft
    Bipolar 4 Wire

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    Re: Micro Steps question please...

    Hi Steve - As a general statement here goes. 1) The more steps the smoother the motor operates but depending on some factors it may not reach high speeds Some drivers have better response then others to mid range vibrations and high speed back voltage issues 2) You have a 1.8deg per step motor with probably 5% tolerance. This means it's not much point going past 4000 microsteps as this is about the same as the mechanical accuracy. 3) so depending on your application positioning or movement you pick the microsteps to suit. If its a router for instance not much use going past the 4000 microsteps. So 5% tolerance is =1.8*0.05 = +/-0.09degs. 4000 microsteps =360/4000=0.09degs so if you picked 8000 usteps you would have a theoretical step of 0.045degs but the motor could only achieve 0.09deg so no point in using over 4000 usteps for positioning purposes. But if its for smoothness say a camera dolly then use as many as you need to get the smoothness you want. Oh and drive at the highest voltage possible always better for steppers but only set the current at what you need to stop overheating or set at correct current.....Cheers Peter S

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    Re: Micro Steps question please...

    The motors specs are mostly irrelevant.
    Most people use 1/8, or 1/10, which give you 1600 or 2000 steps/rev.

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    Re: Micro Steps question please...

    Pete G'day mate.

    Thank you for the detailed explanation, that made a lot of sense. I actually understand what its about now ty muchly.

    So not much point leaving it at default which is 32000 lol ok..

    I appreciate your time...

    Thank you too Ger!!!

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    Re: Micro Steps question please...

    In terms of positioning, its not much point going past 10x but higher values will help improve smoothness. But also the maximum frequency your controller can operate will limit what you can get away with.
    I can get away with 25x micro stepping but I am using hardware stepgens (linuxcnc and Mesa 7i76e ehternet card) . Its a while now since I worked it out but I think I was up around 90 kHz at max speed but a parallel port might be limited at 50 kHz.

    And I'm in Brisbane
    Rod Webster

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    Re: Micro Steps question please...

    Rod G'day mate,

    I had to laugh I'm sorry being in Brisbane may have an effect on how your machine operates LOL....

    Thank you for your input, I have an AXBBE ethernet controller so I should be ok, I've set it to an appropriate step will see how that works once I finish building the box. I only have the UCSB breakout board to wire in and I'll be ready for a test run.

    Cheers and avagreatday.


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