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    Mill/Turn lathe servo driven spindle drive?

    Hi All,

    I very much like the concept of the SwissMak and I'm interested in making a slightly larger and more robust version of it.

    My main concern is that I would like to use a large servo motor to drive the spindle but I have doubts that a timing belt would be an acceptable in terms of holding the spindle rigidly enough for milling operations. I don't want to use an inline direct drive because that would mean I could not put long stock in the chuck. I guess an option is an anti backlash split gear. Any thoughts on what may be a suitable means of driving the spindle?


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    Re: Mill/Turn lathe servo driven spindle drive?

    A belt drive in combination with a disk brake would work well. That's what my lathe has.
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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