I'm new to CNC and was wondering if it would be possible to CNC a plastic insole using something like a Millright Carve king (or similar hobbyist machines). It has a Z working area of 4" (I don't know if that means it has a Z travel of 4"). The insole is about 1.7 inches at its lowest point. Will the Carve King reach 1.7" into the plastic block? And what about something like a Millright M3 with 2" Z travel? The design has no undercuts and I should be able to flip the plastic block and do the other side. I should note that it's not a typical insole because it has ribs on the bottom part.

The results don't have to be the most accurate since this is for rapid prototyping.

I'd like to know if I'm overlooking something and if I should hire a professional with a profession machine instead. But I have a feeling that after several prototypes it would get expensive and It'd be nice getting into the CNC world anyways.

Thank you.