Any help is greatly appreciated. I spent hours going through 16 pages of previous cent 5 problems and have not found the exact problem I'm having.
Machine is a 1990 milltronics partner 3d with cent 5 control it is a 3 digit serial. I understand this is less than ideal as far as repair options go, machine was cheap and in working con. When purchased so I did little research. Worked for about a year doing misc. Projects, when the monitor failed, sourcing a monochrome or ega monitor is no easy task these days.
Now I have it fired up and video,I get "invalid config. Info"- please run setup
F1 to continue, f2 run setup
If I try to go into set up I can't save any of my changes. If I F1 it runs through a couple lines of code, then "invalid graphfile path"
At this point, I have removed the cards and cleaned and inspected connections, tested the CMOS have good voltage. However the Dallas battery on the cpu card is dead.

This machine is older than I am, so troubleshooting the programing and computer is a whole different world to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated