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    Milltronics ML-15 Spindle Encoder

    I need to replace the spindle encoder on my Milltronics ML-15 cnc lathe.
    Milltronics quoted me $950 this is my garage lathe and don't want to spend that much, can anyone help me out with a replacement.
    This is the information on the encoder.
    Dynamics Research Corp.


    SERIAL NO. 5692443

    Channel A+
    Channel A-
    Channel B+
    Channel B-
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks Mike

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    Re: Milltronics ML-15 Spindle Encoder

    I had checked for replacements on my mill back in 2013, below is the info I got from MicroE Systems. My parts number was different, so you probably need a slightly different model, but this should give you somewhere to look.

    Hello Brian,

    Thank you for your inquiry. The "direct" replacement for your old 152 encoder is the S154 - 4E18 - 47500.
    The only difference between it and your encoder is that it will have an 18" shielded cable rather than loose wires.

    This encoder lists for $310 each for quantity 1-9 pieces and carries an 8-12 week lead time.
    To place an order, please contact Lisa Braga in customer service at lbraga@gsig.com or 781-266-5644.

    Dave Smith
    Sr. Applications Engineer

    MicroE Systems
    A: 125 Middlesex Turnpike
    Bedford, MA 01730 USA
    T: 781-266-5894
    F: 781-266-5112
    E: dsmith@gsig.com
    W: Please Wait... | Cloudflare

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    Re: Milltronics ML-15 Spindle Encoder

    Hi Catch22, I have replacement encoders for thee Milltronics. $285.00
    give me a call


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