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    Milltronics Partner ID

    Hello, I recently acquired an old Milltronics Partner mill from an estate sale. The last owner isn't available to get information from. He removed the Centurion controls and installed his own cabinet with a HiCON Intregra 7766 motion control board and Mach 3. He also removed the machine serial number plate so I have no idea which model machine I have. The machine came with some manuals which I posted a link to in the manuals forum. They are for a Partner 6F or 7F machine, but don't look like the same machine. I contacted Milltronics support and they tried to help, but they said they lost a lot of older documentation in a data hack. They thought it was a Partner 4 series machine. Does anyone here have an idea which model this is? I have attached a few pictures.

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    Re: Milltronics Partner ID

    It is a Partner 4, you have a manually adjusted variable speed head and I don't see the pancake air cylinder on top for the tool changing. The rest of the machine looks the same as mine. I have a mechanical manual in my Dropbox, it should help you out.


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    Re: Milltronics Partner ID

    Thanks Brian! I'm sure there will be enough missing pieces to keep me busy for months.

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