BEWARE: We got cheated as most likely hundreds of other customers too, who purchased a Laguna Smartshop Laser Engraver. This machines were advertised, described and sold explicitly stating, that top notch laser optics from the U.S. brand name company American Photonics is build in.

But the TRUTH is: No U.S. laser optics, no American Photonic lenses or mirrors!

Due to our complaint at Laguna they quickly removed this advertisement this morning, Feb 11, 2021 from their WEB site! But if you purchased your machine before today, check your sales order or quote and see what you got.

We had a very confrontational talk to the sales manager of Laguna and agreed on a full refund returning our MX2436 Laguna laser. We don't trust them any longer. Advertising a 1st class Rolls Royce and selling a 3rd class no name car is NOK (and I am not going into legality here).

What a horrible experience with a company we thought had a good reputation. Well not any more.