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    Mitsubishi Meldas M3/L3 system parameter entry

    I need to make some changes to the SYSTEM PARAMETERS of my Dyna DM4400M Mitsubishi Meldas M3 controlled mill. Specifically, I want to add a fourth axis. The Dyna manual happily shows the screens that need to be modified, but neglects to tell you how to get into those areas. I found the USER PARAMETERS and MACHINE PARAMETERS areas, but the SYSTEM PARAMETERS area a complete mystery to me. They are not mentioned in any of the Mitsubishi manuals I got with the machine, and I have had no luck finding the information in my online searches as well.

    If anyone knows how to edit these values, I would be very interested in hearing from you!


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    Re: Mitsubishi Meldas M3/L3 system parameter entry

    System Parameters are a protected feature, it turns out. I managed to figure it out though, and I'm well on my way to getting a 4th axis working now, which is cool. I had problem getting the amp tuned, but technical support was phenomenal and they gave me some pointers.

    None of this is for the feint of heart. I had to tinker around a lot with a logic analyzer and such. This generation of Meldas drive does not use flux feedback, so you can't just plop any encoder on the drive and have it work. Only BEI or Tasagawa have encoders that have UVW timing tracks for the corresponding UVW AC power of the servo. Kind of a pain, if you ask me. And the manuals are not not best. The information is there, but it isn't very easy to find. Sigh.

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    Re: Mitsubishi Meldas M3/L3 system parameter entry

    I feel your pain, the old Meldas controls are rock solid but just old (1990?)

    I have a 1997 L3 slant bed lathe, Mitsubishi tech support is really great! If you need a contact, pm me and I will give you the info.
    Its too bad they took the L3 and M3 manuals off their site

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    Re: Mitsubishi Meldas M3/L3 system parameter entry

    Hi and thank you for the response....

    I actually didn't realize that Mitsubishi removed the manuals. I was able to get those from them, and a *whole* lot more, last year, but you had to create an account to access the area. Frankly, I kind of stumbled on the information. The manuals are not all that well written, though, and they definitely do not have any of the information in there about accessing the protected areas. Mitsubishi was willing to send a service guy out to my house and do the work, but the travel time was prohibitively expensive. This is a hobby machine for me, so I don't derive any income from it. Paying rates typically structured for entities that are profit centers is a whole other beast. I'm not saying Mitsubishi was out of line, but for the hobby person it was way more than I could justify.

    As it turns out, I was lucky. I found a ratty old sheet that had some notes on it. Clearly the previous owner had to get into the protected area and had talked to someone that knew how to do it. The long and the short of it is that I was able to enable the fourth axis. I'm still working on some mechanical issues, but it all works from the perspective of integration into the control (mechanical being that I had to change to a Mitsubishi servo, which has a different mounting arrangement than the original servo).

    I was wondering what type of CAM system you are using for your machine. One of the challenges for me is that I don't have anyone to really ask questions about this stuff because I'm not in the trade. My old Hurco was conversational so I didn't have any G-code at all. But this guy needs a post processor and nobody seems to really have one for the Meldas. Is the post processor a generic Fanuc guy? The net result of my quest there is that I haven't been able to find an inexpensive CAM system to pursue because I cannot find the post search problem. I'm in a little bit of a conundrum.

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