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    Miyano jnc45 turret indexing help

    I have a miyano jnc45 with the hydraulic turret and fanuc ot

    Had to take turret out to service now on reassembly it will just keep indexing without stopping

    I have a machine al4, unsure what that is though still waiting for a manual

    Also 52.3 and 53.4 is a 1

    Any ideas what would cause this? I am assuming the encoder but unsure how to check it

    Turret indexed before disassembly

    This is a new old machine so working through some bugs

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    Re: Miyano jnc45 turret indexing help

    hy they installed you an upgrade, allowing you to cut using the turret indexing motion

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    As an update turns out it's the pulse encoder

    Rotate it while it is indexing until you find the right spot, then it will find itself and the indexing will stop and the machine alarm will be resolved

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    Re: Miyano jnc45 turret indexing help

    Hi Toddagr, i need your help regarding Miyano jnc 45 Please PM me. i tried to PM first but you just have off PM you option.


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    Re: Miyano jnc45 turret indexing help

    Hi, I got a Miyano JNC45S with Fanuc 0TB controller, unfortunately I missed the Electrical wiring diagrams, ladder diagrams, parameters list. Can any help me by sending the above to my mail anand.chetan77@gmail.com.
    It's been extremely difficult to keep up the machine running without these details.
    Thanks in advance for your help guys.

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