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    Cool Morbidelli Author 504 Post Processor

    Simply the post processor we use in BobCAD V26 for our Morbidelli Author 504.

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    Re: Morbidelli Author 504 Post Processor

    Update! :wee: I guess there was a bit more that my predecessor was putting in manually in a text editor after every post. :/

    I plan on updating this to remove redundancy in some values, such as setting the Z axis in every block, even though it's not changing. I also want to run WinXISO at the end of post to convert this to a PGM, so I don't have to do it on the mill controller after I post.

    If anyone has questions or comments, I'd be more than happy to help. Hopefully someone gets some use from this.

    03-02-2018 - Added SY=1 M=0 to File header.
    03-06-2018 - Added X0 Y=-stock_length to header. This offsets
    the Y axis by the length of the material.
    I also altered the ending X coord so as to move
    the work head away from the material
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    Lightbulb Re: Morbidelli Author 504 Post Processor

    Ugh! I jumped the gun a bit. X0 is supposed to be XO, and upon request, I changed the commands for boring, BO, to B. BO is optimized boring, and B is simply unoptimized boring, I guess. I'm pretty new to this. Here's an updated millpst.

    I changed some formatting of the changelog in the millpst to make finding corrections a bit easier, as well.

    - Changed X0 to XO, above. My bad. - Block 0.
    - Changed instances of "BO" - optimized boring, to
    "B" - unoptimized boring. - Blocks 800 to 831.
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    Re: Morbidelli Author 504 Post Processor

    New update. Lots of changes to this. I'm not entirely sure how the CAD/CAM process went before, but now since I've started developing on my own, I'm developing everything in quadrant 1 (x+/y+). I've altered how drilling works, since it's not using optimized boring anymore. Here's a quick changelog. It's far from a complete changelog though. I have a hard time documenting things as I change them. So far this works flawlessly for me. No more changing offsets at the head.

    04-30-2018 - Removed XO which was the origin change command. It's
    not necessary if you're developing in quadrant 1.
    (x+,y+) - Block 0
    05-01-2018 - Added code to Block 50 for rapid movement.
    05-02-2018 - Removed 'work_coords' from the file, as it didn't
    seem to be doing anything useful.
    - Edited the boring commands (Blocks 81-99) to remove
    N="L", since that's only used in optimized boring.

    - Created Program Block 9, to properly set the drilling
    z depth. It was negative before which wasn't working.
    Applied Program Block 9 to be used in boring blocks
    - Added rotational speed and velocity to boring commands
    in blocks 81-99
    - Other small changes, like formatting cleanup.

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    Perdonar por mi ignorancia con ese post procesador programo en xilox 5 y lo convierte al pasarlo por este.
    Agradeceri que me dijerais algo soy nuevo en esto y tengo un morbidelli autor 504 que quisiera mejorar.
    Un saludo y gracias.

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