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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Electronics > Stepper Motors / Drives > More trouble shooting needed.
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    More trouble shooting needed.

    I have just increased the size of the ballscrews on my Y gantry. I am using 2 x Nema 24 closed loop steppers. One is slaved to the other. Going from a 1605 to a 2525 screw, I have set the resolution to 200 steps per mm and the motor resolution to 1000 steps per rot.

    It runs well. No problem running at speed at all. Infact I am stoked. This same motor is lifting a 16kg spindle on my Z. But. On the first start of the day, on pc power up. One of them will stall right from go. It may catchup but I often have to restart several times to get them running. Also, occasionally it sounds like one is lagging and zinging as it catches up to the other.

    I am going to troubleshoot the system. My connections, voltage, encoder connection. Also might raise my supply voltage to 60dc.

    Next will be taking them out of closed loop mode.....

    But not sure what else I can look at any further input from the community?

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    Re: More trouble shooting needed.

    Thought I might add to this I just heard back from Stepperonline who has a good tech. The closed loop drivers I am using are set in the factory to output 6 amps (capable 8) so I am going to bump it up.

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