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    Mori Seiki ZL-253 program setup


    I've recently acquired a Mori Seiki ZL-253 running a MSG-501 MAPPS controller and I’ve run into some difficulty uploading programs. The machine has two turrets and each one requires a separate program to which I can upload them individually without any trouble. The issue is I would like the operator to only have to bring in one program from the server that contains code for each turret but the controller doesn’t allow the two heads to share a program list. This means that I can bring in both programs from the same file in one head but cannot read it from the other; this excludes being able to copy files between heads or otherwise sharing it within the NC memory.

    I would like to know if I can merge these two program lists like how other Fanuc devices operate or if I can directly migrate the program within the machine without having to copy everything to a memory card and adding additional steps for the operator. From what I hear I may be able to run it with a standard Fanuc OS but I’m unfamiliar with how to boot into it. I appreciate any advice you might have.

    Thanks in advance,

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    setting page-
    type in 999999999
    should just have a prompt on the screen.
    Type in sample

    Thats how to get to a fanuc screen, but buttons will be different, run at your own risk.

    Most people like the mapps once they get used to it, and i've never heard of having to load separate programs for the two turrets, but I didn't do much with programming on those either.

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    I guess this reply is a little late but better late then never ;-)

    I used a ZL35 15TTF for many years. I just save both programs into one file...

    O1234 (PART A HEAD 1)
    G50 S1000
    O1235 (PART A HEAD 2)
    G50 S1000


    Do that by deleting all programs in memory except what you want to keep then do a PUNCH > ALL or O-9999 PUNCH

    When reading it in you get both programs separate in the memory.

    Once they are loaded press the HEAD 1 button and just search the first program. Then press the HEAD 2 button and search the 2nd program.
    That's all. Both programs will be in the right place but you must put them there yourself by searching for the program while on the correct head. As far as I know there is no way to make it auto-put the programs on the correct head(s)

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    Re: Mori Seiki ZL-253 program setup

    Dear Max could sent it your machine HDD image file we need it +905068233692 WhatsApp could contact

    - - - Updated - - -

    Dear Max could sent it your machine HDD image file we need it +905068233692 WhatsApp could contact

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