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    MSG 501 control questions

    I need to add another 40" machine to my shop. I am looking at a 2001 SV-503B/40 with the MSG 501 control on it. I do a fair bit of 3d work, so I am curious about speed versus smoothness on a machine this age. I see that it has tape mode so drip feeding is available. I don't need to run 400 IPM or anything around corners. It has the conversational control, which I do not need as everything I do is programmed offline. I just need a decent amount of smoothness thru motion at say 80 IPM or so. I have an old SL mori lathe that I dearly love, and is the only Mori I have ever had. Any info on the quality of this model I would be grateful for!


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    Re: MSG 501 control questions

    The SV's are high power race horse fast machines. Is that the Fanuc 18 or 16 control? Also the "B" means extended length travel in X (1000mm) which you seem to have noticed. Make sure the machine has at least G8 Look Ahead, and better yet is G5.1 (I think) more advanced version of that. If you feel like running at 80ipm then G8 should do that without trouble.Even at triple that. I own a 1997 - SV50/40 pallet machine that I rebuilt from the ground up. It's awesome. I have the Fanuc 18 MSC518 Control. If that machine has the Fanuc 16 with the RISC processor it will do anything you can think up and do it quickly.

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