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IndustryArena Forum > WoodWorking Machines > Commercial CNC Wood Routers > Multicam Machines > Multicam 5000 with Mastercam ? does it work ?
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    Multicam 5000 with Mastercam ? does it work ?

    I am a newbie with this machine. I have used one Multicam serie 5000, made 2006.
    Manual suggest to use Alphacam or EnRoute, but both are not distributed in my local.
    Somebody suggest to use Mastercam,
    do anybody use Mastercam with Multicam serie 5000 ? does it work properly ?


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    Re: Multicam 5000 with Mastercam ? does it work ?

    I have a customer or two that use Mastercam, if you haven't purchased it yet check with Mastercam to see if they have a post for the Multicam machine, and if not will they change you for the written of a post/

    By the way where are you located, if Mastercam become more of a chore then just install and choose your driver. I am a distributor of Scanvec software.

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