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    Multicam MG 103 1999 - Parts

    Just picked up a Multicam MG 103. It looks like it has cut a lot of wood in its day. I have some specific parts Id like to get right away.

    • Linear rail cover for the X axis. One side must have come off. (should I worry about this?) Gantry has to be removed for installation?
    • Bearing Cars - Not sure I need them yet. 1666-294-11 is the part number on them ( I think), are these Rexroth? (AA08K is this the production date?) The rail width is 20mm.

    If I gave Multicam the serial number do you think they would tell me the service history?

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    Re: Multicam MG 103 1999 - Parts

    Nice find!

    If you're slick you might be able to slip the cover under the bearing cars. Multicam can be helpful depending on who you talk to. I recall getting ahold of a lovely and expert guy named Eric last year. If you're ever interested to retrofit this with a modern controller and need help please get in touch.

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    Re: Multicam MG 103 1999 - Parts

    A year later and I have movement. I've completely redone the main control panel, added a larger control panel on the Y axis, and have a new switch control interface.

    Right now, I could use help with is setting the steps per inch on all the axis. My last machine was easier to calculate this since the steppers were directly coupled. I know these steps per unit questions get posted all the time. So I did a fair bit of searching before posting this, I've found great answers.

    With this build I am using the ClearPath servos.

    Here is my setup:
    Z Axis -

    Motor - 1410 rpm 800/rev
    Drive Pulley - 18teeth
    Driven Pulley - 36t
    Lead screw: 1/4"/rev

    X Axis -

    Motor - 1410 rpm 800/rev
    Drive Pulley - 20teeth
    Driven Pulley - 30t
    Lead screw: 1"/rev

    X Axis -

    Motor - 3070 rpm 800/rev
    10:1 Planetary Gearbox
    Drive Pinion - 20 DP, 20 ° PA, 25 Teeth, 0.5 in Face (MARTIN TS2025)

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