Hello guys! Recently, a used MultiCam1000-series machine came to me. Before buying, the machine was checked and it worked properly. However, the previous owner took poor care of him and most of the wiring and mechanics are in poor condition.
Now I am engaged in installing it and bringing it back to normal.
I learned from some forums that the controller often breaks down due to a short circuit of the cable to the Hand-Held Pendant. The solution to the problem was soldering the microcontroller (costs $ 10) and downloading the firmware backup (no more information and contacts). I like to be prepared for problems in advance. My question is: is it possible to backup and restore the firmware and the parameters of the controller using motion mechanic terminal emulation (Machine Update from Machine Tools Suite 4 from extratech [not have jet] ) or otherwise without specialized equipment.
MultiCam1000-series 1-304 2014 y.
ExtraTech® M2545 Motion Controller + SKD80 Hand-Held Serial Keypad - 30 keys
There were no programs and documentation with the machine. I found a "MultiCam PSS", "Suite4", and a user manual in the downloads section, but I didn't install it because the machine is not connected yet.
In addition, I am interested in the full list of commands for the terminal emulator and what is a "uCito-based controller" - some kind of Linux?
I thank all those who responded in advance.