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    Question My End Mills Keeps Breaking

    Hi everybody,
    So i have 3 Blue Elephant 6090 Router machines and i have been working with those machines for 2 years.
    My machines got 2.2 KW spindle and 600x900 (mm) grid and im using air cooling for the parts and water cooling for the spindles.

    A new problem comes up.

    I have made some GCodes for aluminum 6061 milling and its work fine until some point that it doesnt.
    I have a few part that im working on for the past 3 days, after 6 parts or so, the machines was working fine and the end mills keeps running great, and suddenly they start breaking.
    I didnt changed anything, same end mills, same feeds and speeds, same machines.

    What could cause this problem?

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    Re: My End Mills Keeps Breaking

    does the broken endmills show Built-up-Edge (BUE), that is to say aluminum stuck in the flutes?

    Aluminum is 'sticky' and prone to BUE, and this is especially so if the chips are not cleared from the cutzone and are recut.
    Many people use a continuous air-blast, either with oil mist or without, to blow the chips out of the cutzone. I use flood cooling, and it does cool but really
    its all about removing the chips so they don't get recut.


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    Re: My End Mills Keeps Breaking

    thank you for your reaply.

    Actually no, there is no any aluminum that stuck on the edges.
    im using 1 flute end mills for that kind of milling, the remove the chips perfectly.
    I also have a vacuum cleaner on the spindle with a costant air blast down ther.

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