Hello everybody!

I have developed a software for backplotting (NC/Gcode editor & simulation), it is called NCnetic, it is free and I am looking for feedbacks/bugs report/improvements…!

It looks like that:

Not sure if it is ok to link to it (so I will not) but a simple browser search and you will find it!

It is a windows application, it is compatible with windows 7,8 & 10, with .Net framework 4.6.1 and opengl v2.2 minimum.

Some useful features:

Managing 4/5 axis machines

1) Add a five axis machine to the machine list
2) Manage the rotation axis in the machine options (direction and origin)
3) Select the five axis machine when loading a file (you can delete the original machine if you don’t need both)

Tool simulation

1) Activate the tool visualization
2) Open a file with tool calls
3) In Tool options, you can define some tool geometries in the “tool database” section and then drag & drop it in the “Current file” section. Movement with no tool calls are assigned a T0 by default