Hi everyone, newb here

Setup: Datron M10Pro, vacuum table (aluminum), .25 end" mill (helical 31137). Fusion 360 software. Misting some oil like coolant.

Material: 304 Stainless steel sheets 30"x24" size and .004" thick.

Speeds + Feeds: 260' SFM, .0017" IPT, Stepover .1". Single pass.

Objective: Milling various shapes into the foil down by .001" depth. Size of area around 12"x12" square.

Problem: I've used various speeds and feeds basing them off the data sheet for the end mill and the best results I've hit are pictured above. The Finish is fine, but there is a warping effect on the backside of the sheet that needs to be reduced. I've tried slower and faster settings, multiple passes, a .125" cutter all of which came up with worse results.

As I have never touched a CNC machine before this, I'm just bashing my head against the machine at this point. So any insight or advice would be greatly welcomed.