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    Need Anilam 3000 offline software

    Hi. We have two Acer mills with the Anilam 3000m control. I have Windows XP and WOULD APPRECIATE IT VERY MUCH IF SOMEONE COULD HELP ME FIND A COPY OF THE SOFTWARE for TRAINING/LEARING THE SOFTWARE AT MY COMPUTER AWAY FROM THE MACHINE I have been doing a lot of studying on the operation and programming of these mills, but just don't have any down time to write programs or get more familiar with the software. I tried to install "ANILAM 3000M-3x CNC SOFTWARE Version PC3.81A/ DSP2.50x" from a floppy to my desktop pc. I thought this was the correct disk, but I get an error that "DSP chip not ready" , or some error related to DSP. I am not sure but I think this disk is for the machine itself. Thank you.

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    hi Captain Crunch

    if you contact analam directly for the software.[Analam 3000m offline]
    the software you are trying to install is for the machine itself in the folder there should be a disk marked offline .. that is for your PC.

    in all honesty i found the offline software to be confusing, because the program had to be finished for the screen to do anything
    where as direct programing in the machine if you not sure you can input line by line and watch the result. I.R.L.
    the program is relatively easy to use in comparison to some other opperating systems

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    Captain Crunch, If you will email me I can probably help you out. I like the offline as I can sit and run my programs and find goof ups alot easier than standing at the machine inputing everything . tlmkr38@gmail.com

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    Re: Need Anilam 3000 offline software

    Has anyone come across the 3000M offline software? Guessing my floppy disc I have is bad. I cant get all the files to read to install. Any help would be appreciated

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    Re: Need Anilam 3000 offline software

    I found the download here... Mechanical Engineering Lab - cnc

    About half way down the page you will find the download link and the instructions to install it.

    Depending on your operating system (anything after Windows XP) you will likely have to install a program called DosBox. You can download it here... DOSBox, an x86 emulator with DOS

    Install it. Then you need to configure it to make it easy to run the Anilam offline program.

    Go to "Start" button and then "All Programs"
    Find "DOSBox-0.xx" program folder and click it to open
    Then click on the "Options" folder
    Then click on "DOSBox 0.xx Options"
    Note: if it doesn't open and asks you to select a program, pick "Notepad"
    When that opens, scroll to the bottom and you'll see [Autoexec] section
    Add the lines below

    mount c c:\p3m

    Save the file
    Now run the icon on your desktop named "DOSBox 0.xx"

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    Re: Need Anilam 3000 offline software

    I used the wayback machine to get to the page.

    Download still works on the wayback machine. I just downloaded and installed the anilam software and dosbox.

    I haven't figured out how to make the autoexec.bat file work correctly, but can type in
    mount c c:\p3m

    and it opens the software. The function keys are accessed with the keyboard function keys. Enter = select. Escape is back. In the DXF utility, to leave the window (I'm on windows 10) press the windows key. I'll work with it some more and see if I can get a DXF file into my mill, I have a YCM 1 1/2 mill with anilam 3000M CNC in my garage, and I just got the VFD completely installed yesterday.

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