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    Post Need Consulting services for small business CNC setup

    Hi there,

    We are a small business woodworking workshop based in Atlanta, GA, USA. We have been using traditional tools and would like to upgrade to CNC for our workshop. We have 5 new products which we are considering in 2022, sample pictures attached - these are wooden toys.

    We are looking to engage a consultant who will help us with the following (high-level list) -

    1. Be our Trusted Advisor for laying the people, process, and technology foundation for CNC automation.
    2. Assess our product needs and advice on the "right-fit" CNC to procure. You would help to procure our first CNC and be the main person to negotiate and finalize the deal, with us funding it.
    3. Setup and configure the CNC to work with our products - this would include doing the necessary product drawings, developing standard work, and necessary customizations and configurations to ensure that the CNC machine can produce finished products.
    4. Train our staff to operate the CNC.
    5. Provide any ongoing support if needed.

    Entry criteria: Our company does not have the necessary people, process, and technology to operate CNC.

    Exit criteria: Our company has the necessary people trained, processes defined and documented, and technology skills gained and sustained to operate CNC producing identified products at scale for an 8-hour shift, 6 days a week - productively and efficiently.

    Any T&E expenses would be covered by us. The preferred candidate would be local in Atlanta or preferably close to us. We only need you to be local for #3 and #4, rest can be done remotely if required.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Wooden Blocks.jpg   Wooden Toy.jpg  

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    Re: Need Consulting services for small business CNC setup

    Couldn’t send you a pm but I offer what you describe as a service and can provide references. I’m also close by. Pm me you email or phone and we can discuss further.

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    Re: Need Consulting services for small business CNC setup

    hy i am not into wood, but please be aware that once sales agents discover that you wish to go cnc, you may become prey

    many infos that will be served to you, may sound relevant to your actual state of knowledge, while in reality they aren't; in such conditions, it's possible to miss your start, even if it seem promising to you

    i would go to a similar shop that actually uses such technology, thus go to a competitor and see what's there; ask for a trial test before buying, like for example only buy some tools and rent machine time, then evaluate / kindly
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