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    NEED HELP QT-15 w/T-2 control won't play

    Some Mondays are worse than others.
    My QT-15 with T-2 control decided it wanted to ruin my Monday by alarming out with all sorts of error codes , some I've never seen before.
    Here's a list:
    6- servo oscillation Z
    7- servo oscillation C
    9- detecting no signal X
    11- detecting no signal C
    20- NMI E-stop
    101- stored stroke limit +X
    104- stored stroke limit -Z
    117- chuck barrier
    179- home return error
    999- ??
    Machine was working fine last week.
    I have some spare PCBs and tried swapping out what I had to see if a board was bad, but that didn't help.
    Contacted Mitsubishi tech support and they asked if I was seeing asterisks in any of my parameters: answer-NO, only zeros or numerical values.
    So they're suggesting I may have an I/O board issue (they didn't say which board that is) or that my parameters got corrupted somehow and I should try backing up the control ? and reinitializing.
    I have several factory print outs on how to do the reintializing etc. as well copies of my parameters. But I'd sure like to know which board they are calling the I/O board.
    Has anyone run into this raft of alarms before ?
    I can understand the X and Z references, but "C" not so sure about.
    I've been in the back of this machine before, so am familiar with it's layout.
    Hoping someone can give me advice on this.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: NEED HELP QT-15 w/T-2 control won't play

    Check 24v power supply.
    Upload picture of led light in pcb of T-2

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