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    Need mazak parameter help

    We had to have our Mazak re-initialized after some electronic repairs, and now tool length offsets dont work from tool data page. And it lost the program monitor, start select option. Does anyone have these options working on a V414 with M32b controller who would be willing to share their parameters?? I know its a long shot but had to ask, Mazak doesnt have techs with parameter info for older machines. Thanks

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    Re: Need mazak parameter help

    Did your tool offset style/type/etc change? If so, yes, I can help with that. However, it seems odd that you'd lose that. Most/many parameters are actually written to EEPROM so they shouldn't have been lost. May I ask what type of "electronic repairs" you had done? If you replaced the main CPU board, that would probably cause you to lose everything. I have an M3, not a M32, but they use many of the same boards. If you have an MC161-1 CPU board, which is what I have, it definitely has EEPROM on it. The amplifiers also have EEPROM, so I'm assuming they have their own parameters stored there.... Bear in mind that Mitsu doesn't publish any of this info, so this is home-grown knowledge that may have holes in it!

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