after reading a loot
zx45 or mb4 mill come in biggest size i can use in space i get (and transport in parts )
then i read load of my hobby side (plastic injection (for now hand only) and making molds for it )
they go bf20/bf16 to cnc then after some time they upgrade to tormach 440/770 or my side of world europe syil 4/5/7
prices : mb4 2600€ + 1500€ cnc = 4200€ + load of diy time
zx45 2000€ + 1500€ cnc = 3500€ + load of diy time
tormach 440 5400$ 770 15k $
syil 4plus 7500Ł ; 5plus 8800Ł ; 7plus 16100Ł
any suggestion of other europe available cnc in this price range and size weight (syil can be put in 3 parts too)
i know i will be best with used industrial but dont have space for it )
well in similar price range go mb4 zx45 syil 4/5 (syil 4/5 travel x280/y160/z380 table size 550x 160)

i watch load of cnc rf45 zx45 bm4 videos with cnc turned
read build stories with z tilting to bed up to crooked table ,and need of load angle tools for these cnc upgrades to fix it
so to sum up with single question

for europe side which will be smarter buy for alu/steel mold making (hobby but love details and tiny micro mils )
or just bite bullet and go for smaller mill like pm30L and turn it easy with kit
will she be ok for steel mold making with small bits for details ?