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    New Controller to replace MX2

    Hi guys.
    I have a Bridgeport Knee mill with an MX2 controller on it, and bushed DC Servo Motors. I would like to upgrade it, but the new replacement from SouthWestern Industries (KMX) will cost me over $6,000.

    I have found a company called Masso, that makes an all in one controller with a touchscreen. Fully integrated CNC controller powered by Masso G3.

    If I could get someone to help figure out what I would need for new drivers for these Servo Motors that will be compatible to this controller….I would sure be willing to pay for some help. Is anyone out there?


    I hope this is in the correct place of this Forum. I looked for a Masso Subject, but didn't see it.

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    Re: New Controller to replace MX2

    I was a service tech for a prototrak reseller in australia. We could never figure out the servo interface on any of the prototrak contollers. Southwest wouldn't give any info either. The only tuning options on their drives is a couple of different jumper pins that set max current. If you're changing controller, you're gonna be changing drives and motors to. If you go with the centroid dc all in one thing, you might be able to keep your motors.
    I'm using Adtech and tomatech chinese controllers on my machines. I can recommend the tomatech. Adtech... Not so much, but it does work.

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    Re: New Controller to replace MX2

    I looked at Masso as well. I really wanted to buy one because its aussie made, but the features just aren't there. Hopefully it gets some updates, I'd like to try one one day.

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    Re: New Controller to replace MX2

    Dynomotion Kflop/Kanalog would most likely be compatible with DC drives unless they have some really non-standard interface.

    Do you have any electrical documentation for the machine? Maybe post some pictures of the drives especially showing the connections. Proto-psycho has me very curious about the interface.

    Something like this might be a replacement for the existing drives. https://www.ebay.com/itm/39227038270...8AAOSwj0NUdY2d
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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