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    Exclamation New Motor to SIEG X3

    I have just bought me a SIEG X3 Milling Machine, but it just got 1800 RPM. Can`t mill Aluminum.
    Is there anybody that can tell me if there is a replacement motor to this machine that have around 10.000 RPM and what I have to do to get this RPM.
    Must be 220 Volt.

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    Re: New Motor to SIEG X3

    Don’t limit yourself to 220 v motors only.

    You’ll be much better off getting a three phase motor and a variable frequency drive.

    Although the spindle bearings on the X3 may not do very well with speeds your looking to run.

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    Re: New Motor to SIEG X3

    You need to look into changing pulley ratio's or a belt conversion if geared. You'd prob blow spindle bearings above 6k rpm.
    You can mill ally at those speeds, just a little bit slow. High DOC with lower SFM and feed. (unless using small size cutters).

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