Hey all so we have a New 7000 and well I am losing faith in the manufacture as there are so many issues.
last night operator said the table lost it's X after it was done cutting the file. Said that the brake engaged at a message popped up saying system interrupt.
the operator then restarted the table and homed it.
Line lead said the table lost its X when the spindle was sent a home position. The lead said the table faulted again every time it was sent to home 9 Apx. the center of the table.
( afternoon OP do not communicate well never leave the fault code)
This morning the OP shows me the Fault on the pendant. (Motor Fault (0x 40) Theata3 Drive 7 Teknic Comm Error)
First step was to look for blinking lights on X drive and there are none.
second step re home the table and send it to Home 9 on fault.
checked connections all are tight.
I have the Day OP running it and seem to be fine.
Is it an OP issue in this mater?
Has any one come across this and if so how was it resolved?
As I said the manufacture has lost most of my confidence in them.