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    Noob Looking for Commercial Laser

    Hey guys,

    I launched a business last year that manufactures 22" discs 1/8" thick out of clear acrylic with a small 2" engraved logo in the center. I've been having a local shop do all the work, but after confirming that the business can stay afloat, I'm now looking into purchasing a laser of my own to produce a quantity of around 1,500 units per year. I've been doing my absolute best to educate myself, but after seeing that lasers that would work for me range in price from $6,000-$30,000, I just want to do my best diligence to ensure that I don't under or overbuy. So, do you have any recommendations/advice for a first time laser owner like myself? Brands? Tips and tricks? Not looking for handouts - happy to do the work and continue the research myself.

    A side note - I've found a used Laguna SmartShop Laser EC near me for a great price. I've read bad reviews about their customer service and shipping, but fewer bad reviews about the products themselves. Can anyone steer me toward or away from this?


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    Re: Noob Looking for Commercial Laser

    Well, I worked with a Boss for 2 years, also 2 different Glow Forge lasers and now a Laguna Smartshop EX. We only had the Laguna running for about 8 jobs and the laser tube cracked on it. Not too much of a problem, Laguna is processing the replacement for it under warranty... I say processing, because its now been nearly two months and they haven't even shipped the replacement yet. I had to push them along for 3 weeks (about 5 calls with two service people) just for them to get a order written up. Then over 1.5 months went by, no laser tube, so I called and they said out it was out of stock, but then they said, well no, it just hasn't been shipped yet... and that was my last call today. I'm regretting it. Now about the Boss. Laguna is a bit cheaper for a 150 watt laser and a larger size, but the main rack in it is all welded as one piece. What's nice about the Boss is the individual rungs come out, easier cleaning. Especially after laser engraving leather... (if you ever have to do that) Boss is also a bit simpler design, easier to get into the lens, the focus sensor is simply a part of the lens unit. When We had general troubles after 2 years with the Boss, Customer service was quick to respond with downloadble PDF step by step instructions for our problem. (bed got shifted off axis) Instead of a 2 year warrenty with the boss, it would've been worth it for a 3 year warranty too, because it would cover a laser tube as well. ours went out in 2.5 years of use. Other than that both machines are close in design... I'm crying now for all the lost time and wish I didn't get cheated into a Laguna just because of their terrible customer service. And Glowforge... the user's favorite, maybe has a higher quality engraving, but it wears out in a year of heavy use. Personally I don't like it as much because of the on board camera, and the user friendliness of it, it's harder to alight materials, they frown upon using other materials beside their own, needing to run through the online program (ugh!)... well don't consider Glowforge, they're too small and just for hobby.

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