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    Okuma CadetV 4020 DNC

    I have a Okuma Cadet V 4020 with OSP5020 control. I need to run from RS232 because of the file size.
    The local dealer told me that DND-B or DNC-C is not available or supported. They told me the only solution is expanding the memory for over $5,000 USD. Using CNC4U to down load programs in small pieces. May have to sell my machine and get something eles. Help

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    Re: Okuma CadetV 4020 DNC

    It's been several years back now I had found a forum thread were a guy was able to locate all of the parts he needed to do the DNC conversion himself. I don't remember if it was on this forum or another anymore. Seems like he had at least some of the part numbers listed.

    How big of files are you needing to use? Does your machine have the B method of running files? Usually there is more memory available to use in BB0: than the default BB1:. You will need B method if your program size is bigger than the run buffer.

    I do work on a u10m control with 64K memory and no B method. For 1 off parts its not too bad to do, just very time consuming to break up big programs into 64K chunks. I wouldn't want to run production that way though, way way too much chance to make a mistake.

    OkumaWiz and Kurmay will be able to shed more light on this topic than I.

    I say this a lot...I wish I was smarter. If I was smarter I would just write new software for the machine.

    Good Luck,
    Dave in Ohio

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    Re: Okuma CadetV 4020 DNC

    Use Macro style programming with it and takes so much less memory

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