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    Okuma LB15 Back up file

    Can anyone assist me with the correct configuration to make a back up copy of my machine settings in case something causes it to delete all operating files needed to run. Purchased this machine with no back up copies or manuals. I'm using my RS232 to communicate to my windows desktop. I can transfer files back and forth just need to know how to extract the machine settings just in case.

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    Re: Okuma LB15 Back up file

    What is OSP of this machine?
    There is a tumbler "Sys" or so, which brings the control boot to system backup / restore menu.
    On the other hand, backing up parameters from "Edit" mode should be enough. Just make sure to transfer machine parameters, system parameters and so.

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    Re: Okuma LB15 Back up file

    My apologies I did not include the controller model number OSP5020L on a 1990 LB15

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