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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Okuma > okuma mx45vae reload soft problem. Help!
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    okuma mx45vae reload soft problem. Help!

    Hi, all! Im new member.
    Have an okuma mx45-vae with OSP700m
    Ran into a software problem for this machine. The machine has stopped due to a problem with the SVP board. After replacing it, I reinstalled the software. The disks 3,5 with the software turned out to be alive, now there was a problem in restoring the machine parameters. To do this, I must have "disk D" according to the manual. Havent paper copy with parametrs. There is nothing to enter manually. In OSP, the date PIP is absent. The hope remains to find in the disk to fill in the parameters from the back-up disk or papers with parameters for this machine. Maybe someone stuck with a similar problem and can help? Maybe someone made a copy image "D disk" and can share it?

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    Re: okuma mx45vae reload soft problem. Help!

    Ok to start off with, it sounds like you have over complicated this and now have gotten yourself in a pickle.

    When replacing a SVP board, from my experience you don't need to "reinstall the software", it should be a direct swap with just switching out the hardware.

    I think what you have done is corrupted your software/parameters by trying to reload those disks out of order.

    So what you will need to do is get a "Battery Exchange Disk" from either Okuma or a local service provider, use the instructions that come with the disk and it will walk you through from step 1 on how to reload all the parameters and software back on to the machine. Your machine should of came with 5-8 floppy disks in a blue case in the electrical cabinet, after using the battery exchange disk you install those in order.

    Hopefully you have a recent machine backup disk, if you do after its loaded you will be back to where you started.

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    Re: okuma mx45vae reload soft problem. Help!

    Good day!
    Thanks for the answer! I apologize for not being able to answer right away.
    After replacing the SVP board, I had no opportunity to make copies
    machine parameters. I got error 945. It prevented login
    into the system.
    There are 10 disks available for OSP7000 and Back Up disk. Also available
    SYSTEM disk and User disk. Surprisingly, they were workers. Make my backup
    I could not. I was delighted and decided to reinstall the system in the expectation that error 945
    will pass with the change of the battery. The car overflowed successfully, except for one moment. I could not flood
    Back Up disk. Error 945 continued to burn.I found on the forum a special manual for replacing
    batteries. The first time I come across this .... usually the replacement took place with the machine turned on,
    and here .... Thank you Aquer for his post! Now I can do everything according to the "Battery Exchange Disk" manual.
    But here again a nuance - the SYSTEM disk began to crumble, bad sectors appeared and I cannot install all the files.
    There is no point in making a new SYSTEM disk, because already transfused the system before. I found a manual for OSP 7000.
    It describes the software transfusion procedure. According to this procedure to install the Back Up disk
    I need a D-disk which contains a system utility to run Back Up disk.
    It remains for me to install Back Up disk to restore the machine's performance, and for this I need

    I use a translator, I ask you to forgive me for the possible inaccuracy of the translation

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