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    OMNI CNC - Quality

    Anyone bought an OMNI CNC recently and can say how the experience was?

    I'm looking at getting a 4x8 CNC with ATC, Vac Table, and 4th axis rotary, but kind of hard to trust sending that kind of money to a Chinese company overseas where I can't see the machines.

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    Re: OMNI CNC - Quality

    Not recently but mine is still going fine one the breaking part of breaking in was done (not major things see my long thread for details). They're probably about the same so all in all for a servo based Syntec controlled machine I've been pleased.

    Made a hell of a lot of covid screens this year with it.


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    Re: OMNI CNC - Quality

    Hi ,It is Allen Zhang from Omni cnc ,thanks for your share your worry .A lot of customer will face this type question for first order .
    Kindly check our effort as bellows:
    1 Feedback from Omni cnc end user ,ATC, basic ,4 axis cnc etc
    2 Just need 30% of total price for downpayment , cnc making process picture ,working test video will be sent to you when finished.
    You can come factory by yourself or choose 3 rd company to check , then pay balance.
    3 Choose Alibaba trade insurance payment way .
    4 If you need more support ,kindly contact with me +8618560201508 or omnisales6@omni-cnc.com
    USA 1325 ATC cnc
    Canada 1325 ATC
    Hondulas 1325 ATC

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    Re: OMNI CNC - Quality

    We ordered one late last year (around september 2019 if memory serves right), was delivered around february 2020 to us in europe. I went through the entire thread from gfacer2 before being confident-ish enough to pull the trigger on it too, and tried to make sure to follow any tips he had to offer on what to specify etc, being more or less a newbie to these things..

    We went for 1530 linear ATC model with HSD spindle, Syntec control, 2x Becker 3.140 vacuum pumps and the optional bits and pieces like mister and dust collector. Like you probably have already read so far getting progress reports and such can be a bit tedious, and the build time of machine will far exceed usual promises of around a month or so, I think mine took about 2-3 months in total, some of that was my own fault though. The reason for that delay and perhaps my only complaint was that in the order the specification was that it be supplied with Delta inverter (exact model i really cannot remember), however by the time I was given pictures of machine in various stages of assembly i happened to notice it had a Fuling one installed. I contacted Jack about it to ask why so, and after some days of communication (kind of heavy time difference so not really all that much) it seemed clear to me they didn't want to change it. So I gave up and Fuling it has, for what it's worth, had no problems with it though and I can't say if it is any inferior or not, as long as it works I don't really care I suppose.

    It's been a while since I went through gfacer's thread by now, but one of the things he said is he wished the table had more reinforcement, so I asked Jack if such reinforcement could be done, and I believe my table has much more support, I can snap some pictures today and post them later to see if I am right or not.

    Our machine doesn't really get much heavy use out of it, it more is just a compliment to all other processes we have so I can't really say anything about the long term durability of it, that seems more like gfacer's alley. So far the only minor problems we've had have been due to user errors, things like breaking tool holder clip (which you really should get a few spares while you are at it).
    One of the odd things was what some would call a foul smell coming from our vacuum pumps, I can't really say what it's like but some who have entered the room consider it overwhelming. I should probably change the air filters on the pumps to see if that helps, those seem to have quite a bit of the stench but i can't tell if they are the reason or just collect it from inside the pumps?

    Oh and the dust collector (3kw i think?) we got with it is hopelessly underpowered for sucking up chips from any deeper cuts at least without some compressed air assistance for blowing them out. I more or less expected as much but it was cheap and didn't have to find o ne elsewhere. I ended up putting some canister type "micro filters" on it with plastic bags, it keeps small dust out of shop air pretty good.

    Some little details like tool holder positions weren't set all that great, and spindle would go grab one bit too far off to one side or another (or even height), and sometimes not manage to catch one even. This was fairly easy to fix with the help of OMNI technician's video though so not a big deal. Just expect some minor things like this.

    I am probably forgetting tons of stuff and doesn't help my browser tab died while writing this and had to write a lot of this again, but will add more later on along with the pictures.

    Overall we've been really happy with it. No experience from 4th axis stuff though, chose not to get into it.

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