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    Exclamation PAOLONI Explorer 4300P kvara OS

    Hi having problems with a

    CODE: ESA/GV KVR.0004.C0501

    from a PAOLONI Explorer 4300P beam saw.

    Is there anyone with a OS backup image available for this machine?
    i can also use a flash dump of the EEPROM of the PC104 card that it is on the computer.
    Any help will be appreciated!

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails viber_image_2023-08-03_13-47-42-128.jpg   viber_image_2023-08-03_14-17-38-572.png  

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    Re: PAOLONI Explorer 4300P kvara OS

    Morbidelli 430 plc driver problem
    The xilog shows plc in block
    I saw i have many plc files in the
    computer does one of the files is
    A reload one
    In addition There is a kvara software
    that runs and make a new communication with the NC and PLC it runs 12 reloads
    The last one is PLC-load
    then it fails saying
    C:kvara/plc/error.err-PLC loading C:kvara/plc/plc.kvar
    Does someone have salutations
    to overcome the plc problem

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