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Thread: PCOOL Help

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    PCOOL Help

    Having a little issue with my PCOOL nozzle. It osculates back and forth and will not stop in the selected coolant position. I have taken the unit apart and found that the micro switch that runs on the ratchet wheel is broken. I am looking for a replacment for this micro switch. I have looked a several places but have not found one. I haven't found a manufacturers name so I have no way to find the source.

    Any ideas? I have attached a couple of pictures


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    Is it broken or did the little lever actuating it just get weak? Mine stopped working because of the same problem. I removed that springy lever, gave it a little tweak so it had more tension, reinstalled and all was back to normal.

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    there is a little screw to adjust tension , look at the attached file : http://www.cnczone.com/forums/showpo...43&postcount=9

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    Looks like there may be a part number, contact these guys perhaps they can help.


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    I had the exact same problem with mine. The coolant had leaked into the the PCOOL system and corroded the same switch your talking about. I found my replacement switch at Fry's electronics. Not sure if you have one of these near you. The switch I bought had a lever built into it, which I removed.
    I've got some pictures I took while replacing it that I will post later today.
    The replacement switch cost about $2.00
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    First, thanks for all the valued input from you guys.

    Donkey Hotey, Yes, the contact is very weak and it is missing the count. It finally got so bad all it did was run back and forth until it alarmed out. New switch time.

    pit202, Thanks for the link. I already have that service bulletin. Think I downloaded it here.

    l u k e, Thanks for the link. I will check with them if my plan doesn't work.

    dougtyler, Thanks for the pictures, part numbers and installation tips.

    I was doing some research today. I removed the switch from the circuit board and found out that it was made by a company in England called OTEHALL Switches Ltd. I located the national distributor for their switches and then a local supplier. They are currently checking on it for me and hopefully I will be able to get the OEM replacement. Not that it was the best switch in the world.

    If that doesn't work out I will try the switch the Doug bought. I will let you guys know how I make out. I really love the PCOOL nozzle and currently miss it.

    Thanks again guys for all your help.


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    Doug, You are the man. I located a switch this morning, installed it and the unit now works perfectly.

    You guys on the CNC Zone are Tops.

    Thanks again for everyone's help.


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    Due to an accident the pcool cable 33-0202 was teared for the spigot, do anyone knows the internal connections of the cables in the pcb?

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    Re: PCOOL Help

    Great help, and works well.
    And thanks for all your help to others.
    Best wishes


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