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    PlanetCNC Licence

    Hi, I am David from South Africa, I purchased a licence for the CNC USB controller license and I have confirmation payment has been received but I have not received a download or key, does anyone know if there is something I need to do who I need to contact?


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    Re: PlanetCNC Licence

    Im in same boat , paid on Saturday sent in my board info and still no licence sent, not happy, stopping me getting on with work. No wonder there are so many unathourised versions out there.

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    Re: PlanetCNC Licence

    You both received automatic email where we asked for serial number and activation code to generate your license.
    We did not get a response from you. Check spam folder, perhaps our email is in there.

    This also means that we must contact you to resolve this. And we don't work on weekends.

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