There is what appears to be some kind of play at the shaft of the screws near the motor mount. Video shows it pretty clearly, so what happens is the axis doesn't move for a second during direction changes, screwing up the piece. I am brand new to CNC'ing (and machining for that matter) and just built this machine, so everything is "new" on it.

Scrap that, apparently the video size is limited to 500k...not sure how to get any video that small. My video is 3sec long and ran through a compressor was 800k. lol

Anyway, I attached a couple images. the mount (and the shaft it is on?) seems to move away from and toward the bearing on that piece. I dont see how or why it would be doing this. almost seems like there should be another piece between the motor mount and that bearing..but there isn't.

Any ideas or thoughts appreciated,