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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > ArtCam Pro > Please help.Cant figure out how to cut out a tile with shallow release angle on sides
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    Please help.Cant figure out how to cut out a tile with shallow release angle on sides

    I am learning Artcam but have hit a problem I cant figure out.

    I am trying to make/cut some patterns for tiles to create a mould. One is square and the other Hexagonal/triangle but the question remains the same for both.

    The square pattern is from an imported STL Sketchup model I made 200mm x 200mm x 25mm. It has an organic relief to the top surface and a 2mm taper to all 4 sides over the 25mm thickness to create a release angle as the mould will be non flexible.

    If I start the work on a 250 x 250mm sheet of material so that I can screw it down to the table bed, should I cut the whole thing including the tapered sides using the relief cut path or use another method. If I use the relief cut path for the whole thing, how do I hold the tile still in the sheet material as I dont think I can include bridges? This will also create a rough edge to the whole thing as the sides are just off vertical.
    If I cut with a profile cut path I can make the bridges but I dont have a tool the correct very shallow angle to achieve the release angle?

    I imagine there is an easy way to do this but I just cant figure it out.

    pdfs of the tiles here
    Attachment 422948Attachment 422948Attachment 422950

    Thankyou in advance!

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    Re: Please help.Cant figure out how to cut out a tile with shallow release angle on s

    I don't know Artcam at all,but I have machined a good number of moulds for GRP and carbon.If you are machining the mould with that number of sharp corners there will be a lot of hand finishing as you aren't going to find a 25mm long needle-pointed cutter with a 2 degree draft angle included.I would also expect that leaving 60mm or so all round the moulded recess would be a good idea for stabilising the shape.A 25mm margin looks just too small,unless you have a very strong mould material I would expect that a strong enough bottom will need a few millimetres more than would be left by machining away so much of the initial block of material.None of which helps very much with your initial question.

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    Re: Please help.Cant figure out how to cut out a tile with shallow release angle on s

    Hi Cman - 2mm over 25mm is 4.57deg draft. You have two ways to go. Use a parallel tool and incrementally cut down the taper. Then hand finish or buy a tapered tool and profile cut. I'd go looking for a tapered tool. 4degs plus for a draft is a substantial draft. 2deg would release easily. Cheers Peter S

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