PLH3D-15 W Laser Head

The Opt Lasers’ 15 W laser module, which debuted in January this year, utilizes three blue laser diodes.
PLH3D-15W laser’s blue laser diodes emit light at 445 nm, which is more efficiently absorbed than IR lasers by the majority of materials being laser cut or engraved.
This translates to lower power consumption required to laser process the material of choice.

Compact PLH3D-15W engraving and cutting laser head utilizes three sustainably used Nichia laser diodes, being
the first of its kind in the world. Furthermore, it is made with durable industrial-grade components, including a
3D-printed air chamber. At the same time, blue cutting lasers experience higher absorption across a wide range
of materials. As a result, PLH3D-15W is at the same time the most powerful compact laser head and the most
environmentally-friendly solution on the market.

Video Showcase:
PLH3D-15W - First Compact Blue Engraving and Cutting Laser With Real 15 W of Optical Power

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Boasting a real 15 W of optical power as well as a novel design, this compact laser head can process a wide range of wood-based materials, leather, textiles and plastics.

Designed for use by both industrial customers and domestic users alike, this novel laser product, called PLH3D-15W, carves a path towards a more sustainable future as increasing applications require a versatile, yet compact and energy-efficient solution.

Carbon Steel Engraving

Stainless Steel Engraving

Cutting Green Plexiglass

Cutting Plywood