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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Benchtop Machines > PM30 or WMD30-lv fusion files ?
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    PM30 or WMD30-lv fusion files ?


    I'm brand-new here and just purchased and install a WMD30-LV (PM30-lv) in my basement.
    I'm looking now to convert it to CNC. as i have several 3d printers and a oxcnc router already done, the electronics should be doable.

    But i need some help on the hardware conversion more specific on which steppers to buy and what placement.
    As my basement is not to wide i would like to place the steppers not directly on the x/y axis but probably with a belt drive to the side.

    Anyone has some Fusion 360 files of this mill so i can play around with stepper placement and sizes ?

    is you have any suggestions on parts or how to do it , thanks already.


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    Re: PM30 or WMD30-lv fusion files ?

    ClearPath servos...

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    Re: PM30 or WMD30-lv fusion files ?

    Hi Zendesigner,

    Congratulations on your new machine!

    I ran across your post and see your request for information regarding component selection. The comment from yelims20 mentioned Teknic's ClearPath integrated servo motors and I just wanted to extended an offer to help you with motor selection.

    Selecting the optimal ClearPath servo motor size/series ultimately comes down to your specific machine design and desired motion requirements. Factors like reflected inertia, cutting resolution, and mechanical design all need to be considered before the proper motor can be selected.

    Teknic has developed a proprietary simulation tool that we use to help determine the motor size, winding configuration, and encoder selection. CNC machines with ClearPath motors almost always use the SD series of ClearPath integrated servo motors. We have created a resource page dedicated to the SD series that many customers have found especially helpful. This page includes drawings, manuals, videos, FAQs, etc. The SD support page can be found here:


    For help with motor selection, please send Teknic a contact request at https://www.teknic.com/contact or feel free to give us a call at 585-784-7454 M-F between 8AM - 6PM EST. A Teknic engineer will help guide you through the motor selection process.

    We look forward to working with you and want to wish you the very best for the new year.

    Best regards,

    Tom T. - Servo Systems Engineer

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