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    PM940 5 axis build

    I am working on a 5 axis PM940 based around a 12" bridgeport rotary table for the c axis and some wheel hub bearings for the a axis. The large Z travel of the 940 and wide table makes this setup feasible. I am using fusion 360 and linuxcnc. I am wondering whether linuxcnc kinematics support dynamic work offset. Still reading through the code. I've made a vr180 video of the hardware so far and am curious about your thoughts: https://youtu.be/4_pkakOSfuM

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    I watched your video. are successful

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    Re: PM940 5 axis build

    Still working on this, new panel. New dual worm drives for the A axis, zero backlash. Currently working on a new PM940 input shaft for a bluemax 1hp motor. I also received two more PM940's to convert to regular 3 axis CNC. Using linuxcnc for everything

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