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    Sep 2015

    Postprocessor HURCO VMX42SRTi

    I am looking SolidCAM postprocessor for HURCO VMX42SRTi. I currently use one but 5x simultaneous, swarf and transform not working well. If anyone have working post please send me to PM.

    I have SolidCAM post for HURCO Ultimax 3x that works, and if sombody need it, i can send him.

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    Re: Postprocessor HURCO VMX42SRTi


    I look for the same postprocessor like you for the same machine. Did you find it? Can you send it to me pls on PM. Thenkyou.

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    Sep 2015

    Re: Postprocessor HURCO VMX42SRTi

    No, I have not yet managed to find a postprocessor that works.

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    Re: Postprocessor HURCO VMX42SRTi

    hi i am using vmx42srti , need post processor for mastercam 2021, if any boby having kindly help

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