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    Powerfull airassist

    Hi there,

    we have largeformat co2 laser. Mostly cutting plywood from 4 to 12mm.

    It needs a lot of air to get nice and clean cut without charring.
    Now we are using 2-valve oil-compressor with 100l tank for air-assist, but its very noisy.
    It start every 3 minutes to get pressure.

    Anyone have experience how to reduce noise in workshop?
    - put compressor outside?
    - get and bigger tank (like 500l)?
    - get some other low noise compressor (ex. dentist compressor, airbrush compessor?) - Don`t know how much pressure I can get from compressors like this.

    Thank you in advance

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    Re: Powerfull airassist

    I am using a small one like this, got it out of a Foot spa machine and it works a treat.
    Even use it to blow away chips on the cnc, looking at getting a larger one again.

    Take a look at some of these larger Fish tank etc air pumps

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    Re: Powerfull airassist

    These fish tank air blowers are the most common for laser air assist because they are inexpensive, low noise (I sit mine on foam) and work really well.
    I’ve run some experiments and found more air the better but I think you get marginal benefits from a compressed air tank.
    I found that air is always required when cutting wood.

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    Re: Powerfull airassist

    These membrane fish tank air blowers is not what I am looking for.

    I have few of these (bigger and smaller ones) and air flow is not enough for really clean cut.

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