I have a part I am machining on what is essentially a cylinder with a couple bolt holes spaced 180 deg around a center bore. This is already machined, but I will be machining pockets around the bolt holes for repairs. My operator has said that it can take him up to 2 hours just to indicate this part in (its a fairly large part that is in a complicated set up), so I am attempting to write a macro to do all of this for him.

I was wondering if I could use the Renishaw probe to find the degree at which these bolt holes are set when put in the machine. After that I can handle the macro for machining,

My first thought is to use the center of the bore as my G54, and then manually have the operator locate the probe within one of the bolt holes and hit start, from there it could get the location of one bolt hole, and continue on machining.

So, how would I set the program to allow the operator to manually manipulate the probe to where the other hole is so I can get that location in relation to my G54 into another variable? Or can I just begin the program with the proper renishaw macro, have him place the probe in one hole, and hit start?

Once I get that I can just get its angle in relation to my Y axis and have the program adjust itself