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    Problem with specific type og G-Code system

    Dear all;

    We have a bio-scaffolder with the specific g-coding method. It just using XYZ (no IJK at all). Also, it uses only G0 and G1 order for printing (for all shapes, even circles).
    So my question is this, do you know software or method that we can translate IJK to XYZ system? I mean, we need to translate arcs to dots.

    Thank you so much for your attention

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    Re: Problem with specific type og G-Code system

    Yes, this can be done. What you are asking for is Arc to Line conversion. One software that can do this is CamBam. CamBam CNC Software In the post processor setup there is an option for Arc to Line. CamBam requires a DXF or STL file for it's raw input, but will also import G code files and with some manipulation, using the Toolpaths to Geometry function, can be made to output in a different format.

    Also under some conditions when using Adaptive Clearing in Fusion 360 the output G code is all G1 moves.
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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