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    Problems with power supply

    hi everbody,i'm new in this forum.
    i have build router wood carve 60inch(1,5m) 98inch(2,5m).
    using mach3 usb.
    i'm use nema23 2,2nm & tb6600,with ballscrew for X axis.nema23 for z axis tb6600.
    i powered both x&z using smps powersupply 24v 10a .source 220v.
    i'm run both x&z(with each tb600 set 2a for test),its run well.
    but when i change x axis set to 2,5a &z axis set 2a.my powersupply get smoke fried.
    anybody can explain, please i need help. thankyou

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    Re: Problems with power supply

    It could be that your power supply was not of the best quality. Good power supplies don't usually emit smoke even when overloaded or shorted. Did the TB6600s survive?

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