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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Turning Machines > Problems with setting cnc lathe in Mach3
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    Problems with setting cnc lathe in Mach3

    Hi out there. I have been facing a few problems trying to sort out the motor tuning within mach3. I am not sure if this is a software or electrical hardware problem. First off there is no wear on the lathe so that’s not an issue. The system that I have is this. A closed loop steeper motor and driver on the z axis. The original stepper motor with new driver on the x axis. The breakout board is a cheap item off eBay and uses a usb cable to connect to the pc. The power supply is 24v at 5 amps. The motors are nema 34. So this is the problem I am having. On inputting the command G0 z-30 the machine moves 35mm. At 1000 steps . If I reduce the steps to say 900 the machine then only moves 15mm . If I increase the steps by 500 the machine then moves upto 60mm. At times mainly after 5 goes it will not move at all and I need to power off and start again. This leads me to think it’s an electrical hardware problem. This happens on both axis. I am in a sort of position in which I could end up spending lots of money buying the wrong items. And has most of the stuff needs to be imported into the U.K. and the import duties sky high I need to get it right straight out of the box. Can anyone help. Thanks.

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    Re: Problems with setting cnc lathe in Mach3

    You need to calibrate each motor in the software under axis tuning has that been done?

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