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    Professionals teach you how to buy cnc wood router

    When choosing Cnc wood router, the following aspects should be considered first:
    1. Convenient clamping, simple fixture structure is also the choice of CNC equipment is a factor to be considered. The choice of horizontal CNC lathe or vertical Cnc wood router will directly affect the structure of the selected fixture and the machining coordinate system, and directly relate to the degree of difficulty of NC programming and the reliability of NC machining.

    2. The working precision of the lathe conforms to the machining precision required by the process.According to the processing accuracy of the parts to choose the lathe, such as low precision requirements of the rough machining process, should choose the low precision lathe, high precision requirements of the finishing process, should choose the high precision lathe.

    3. The dimensions of the main specifications of the Cnc wood router should be adapted to the contour dimensions of the workpiece.Namely, small workpieces should be selected for small size lathe processing, and large workpieces are selected for large size lathe processing, to achieve the reasonable use of equipment.

    4. The power and rigidity of the lathe as well as the range of movement shall correspond to the nature of the process and the most suitable cutting amount.If the rough machining process to remove the blank allowance is large, the cutting allowance is selected large, it requires the lathe to have large power and better stiffness.

    5. The structure of the lathe depends on the size of the lathe and the weight of the workpiece.

    Understand the above content, you can better choose Cnc wood router, more technical problems can consult BCAMCNC technicians.

    More technical and product information please visit the website https://www.bcamcnc.com/
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    Re: Professionals teach you how to buy cnc wood router

    Thank you for sharing. I have seen an article on "How to choose the right woodworking machine" on another website. I suggest other aspects. I think your suggestions are very good. This is the source website. : Https://forsuncnc.com/what-is-a-cnc-router/, here are some of his suggestions:

    1. Choose a suitable CNC Router model with an ideal working size

    2. Choose the Right Type of Spindle: The spindle motor is divided into air-cooled, water-cooled and self-cooled types.

    3. Get to Know More about the Transmission: The transmission is made up of two distinct components; the ball screw drive and rack and pinion drive.

    4. Know the Servo Motor and Stepper Motor: The major difference between the two is; the servo motor is closed-loop control and the stepping is an open-loop control. More specifically it is essential to recognize that the servo motor is closed-loop control (comes with a completed by encoder feedback, etc.), this means that the speed of the motor is measured in real-time. On the other hand, the stepper motor is open-loop control.

    5. Choose a suitable Operating System: The most commonly known and used OS of CNC Router Machines are the NC Studio, DSP, SIEMENS, Syntec and Mach3.

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